A First Time Parent's Survival Guide: A How to Manual for the First Two Years


“Why don’t babies come with a how to manual?”

East Tennessee pediatrician Dr. Clifford James has heard this question so many times in his 15 years in practice in East Tennessee that he decided it might be a good idea to write a book with new parents in mind.

The user friendly and fact filled manual, “A first time parent’s survival guide: a how-to manual for the first two years”, is his answer to this conundrum and filled with the insights years of funny phone calls, badly behaved parents and children, medical knowledge, and his experience as a father of three have brought him.

The book is not meant to replace a child’s doctor or be an exhaustive pediatric text but to give parents a resource to save them time, money, and stress as they attempt to negotiate the challenges and joys of parenthood. It contains all the answers to the most common questions new parents ask from the quantity and color of wee and poo to serious illnesses and diseases.

The parent’s survival guide is also designed to bring a little lightheartedness to parenthood with quips, jokes and plenty of Dr. Clifford’s own disaster stories as a parent.

“Too often we as pediatricians and parents spend too much time emphasizing how much work and how hard it is to be a parent and we lose sight of the fact children are hilarious and a great source of joy,” Dr. Clifford says.

“Being a parent can be fun. It’s best to enjoy parenting as it happens instead of just looking back at it fondly when it is all over… Enjoy your baby and have fun with them. I can tell you, working with children is a fun job and has generated tons of stories and happy memories.”

With this in mind the text also contains delightful insights from the youngest member of the James’ family. Baby Kaden provides his own unique point of view about life and the role of his parents over a progressive two year dialogue explaining just why he cries when his mother goes to the bathroom, why his aim is so good whenever his diaper is removed and his take on a poo incident at a restaurant.

Dr. Clifford is the founder of www.pedvaccines.com and will launch a new website www.helpmommy.com in 2016. His practice is based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

About Clifford Dale James III, M.D., FAAP

Cliff James lives in Oak Ridge, TN with his wife Kristi, sons Dalton, Tyler and Kaden, as well as some critters. He works in a busy pediatric office and has the time of his life doing what he knows he was meant to do…take care of children. He is the founder of www.pedvaccines.com and is currently working on a new website www.helpmommy.com which will be launching in 2016.

My story started September 30, 1969. I remember it being a warm, sleepy experience when I was suddenly awoken to bright lights, loud noises, and someone smacking me on my bootie. It was then that I realized I was naked as a jaybird and have had a fear of public nudity ever since. Some guy with one foot in the grave was holding me by one foot and I saw a smiling tired lady with long, dark hair and a dude with a silly smile standing next to her. I guess they didn’t know what to call me so they just started calling me the same thing the guy with the silly smile was called and just slapped another number at the end of the name.

I grew up in the country in the middle of nowhere surrounded by children, not because there were lots of people out there, but because the tired lady and the guy with the silly smile thought they should have a whole lot of kids. For some reason all of the kids they had except me were deformed little boys that were missing some parts, so we called them sisters. My dad, the guy with the silly smile, was a hard worker, mom was making a home (something like that) and five kids were making a lot of messes and a bunch of noise.

My grandma told me that I was going to grow up and become a pediatrician and it seemed like a good idea. I attended West Texas State University and got a degree in biology. With this degree you are given the choice of going to school or starving to death so off to medical school I went. I started medical school at Texas Tech Health Science Center in Lubbock, TX. Somehow I managed to survive and thrive in medical school in spite of violating all the dress codes and all known stereotypes of medical students. When I finished medical school it was painfully obvious that I was still an idiot so I moved on to the next step of becoming a pediatrician and went to Cleveland, OH and spent three years as an indentured servant, but learned a whole lot about pediatrics. In July of 2000 I started practicing in Oak Ridge, TN

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